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Found 3 results

  1. hej, Posiadam aplikacje webowe napisane w Javaee chodzące na serwerze tomcat, niestety przy dużej liczbie danych do obrobienia przez aplikacje, procesory na serwerze fizycznym odlatują stąd pytanie czy istnieją inne alternatywne ale szybsze (i może bardziej rozbudowane) serwery, które lepiej sobie radzą z obciążeniem niż tomcat? Pozdrawiam
  2. BLStream is a software house with UX core. Since 1999 we have been providing custom-made solutions to industry and commercial partners, both large and small, for their specific product needs. BLStream has R&D Centers in Szczecin, Wrocław, Lublin, Monachium and Regensburg. Also we have our Sales Offices in London, Helsinki, Monachium, Santa Clara (USA) and Warsaw. We are leading now over 40 projects for more than 20 Clients in Europe and US. We don't want to hire you just for the project or to lease to the Client. We want to hire you to the Company and wish for long-term cooperation in a variety of projects. Be a part of BLStream and join Us! BLStream - Who we are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYRTjiMPKTQ Job title: Full Stack Developer City: Wroclaw Primary background: JavaEE Secondary background: JavaScript, AngularJS Type: Job Contract / B2B You are a perfect Candidate if you are: - experienced in developing rich applications with JEE (5+), - acknowledged with OOP and AOP, - acknowledged with Spring and Hibernate frameworks, open source, libraries/solutions, - acknowledged with AngularJS / ReactJS - acknowledged with Scrum - acknowledged with SQL and relational databases, -experienced in Junit / Jasmine and webservices (REST/SOAP), You get extra points for: - experience in REST architectures development/designs, Oracle DB and Test Automation, - knowledge of JBoss AS/Jetty/Tomcat, - understanding of Protractor / Selenium, BDD and CI] Why You + Us? What do we offer? - Comfortable employment model (it's always your choice!) - Competitive salary - Long term cooperation mostly with international Clients - Interesting projects and variety of new technologies - Challenges and real impact on projects - Agile environment with minimum of bureaucracy - Open and positive atmosphere - Benefits package: Medicover, Multisport subsidy, Training Policy, Development Care, Guilds, Integration events Interested? Sent CV: grzegorz.bujek@blstream.com You are kindly requested to include the following clause in your application: "I hereby give my consent to have my personal data included in the submitted documents processed by BLStream Sp. z o.o., its cooperators, affiliates and by their customers, as deemed necessary for the purposes of the recruitment process, including processing such data in the future for the same purposes. I hereby confirm that my consent is given voluntarily and that I am aware of the rights granted to me under Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August, 1997 (Dz.U. 2015 r. item 2135, as amended)."
  3. Potrzebuję jakichś dobrych i zwięzłych materiałów, najlepiej bez zbytniego lania wody, by szybko móc się wdrożyć w świat biznesowej javy z ewentualnym wykorzystaniem jeszcze Spring. Proszę o jakieś rekomendacje.
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