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Junior .Net Developer Gdańsk B2B 7-8 tys.


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We are looking for a Junior .NET developer to join our tech team.

Salary: 7000-8000 PLN

Contract: B2B             

Location: Olivia Buisness Center, Gdańsk

Are you a talented developer who is passionate about development and wants to make an impact? 
We are looking for someone who wants to join our team which dealing with global portals for leading brands in Sweden and Denmark. You can be a part of well talented and experienced working group which can also teach you a lot of practical and useful things, including modern tech stack tools like Sitecore, Umbraco, Docker and Azure.

Take a note: We are not a typical outsorcing company – we have a regular close cooperation with our strategic partners.

Who Are You?

You need to be flexible and have an entrepreneurial mindset. We are looking for a developer who is passionate about his/her work. For a person who reads and learn the latest frameworks and try new ways of doing things. You should like to take full responsibility and wiliing to meet your goals. Ideally, you have a couple of own projects that you like to work on and you are familiar with the open source community.


Required Experience

·         Good knowledge of .NET / C #, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, MS SQL

·         Few months working experience or own projects e.g. somethings on Git Hub

·         Agile development skills

·         Proven ability to drive projects from start to end

·         Fluent English


What we can offer?

·         A stable and well-paid job

·         Great atmosphere in an international and ambitious team

·         Great work/life balance with flexible working hours

·         Developing your skills during tech-talks, working in groups with senior developers


Send your aplication: jobs@movocreatons.com

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